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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 14, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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>> analogies he is. >> a jailbreak and paterson to pitbulls. >> i went to feed the dogs and i realize there were two dogs. >> a cut to a literary grabbed the dog and these two pit holes were rescued from a very vicious dog fighting ring. >> a tragic train derailment in philadelphia are you. >> trying to make sense of it all, the definition of a media circus. >> a lot of people reaching out to tell friends and family that they are okay. someone trying to escape. >> anonymous person calling 911 ends up sending police and s.w.a.t. teams to unsuspecting homeowners. >> would assure address? >> the pranks involve the address of assembly member paul moriarty.
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>> i'm being swatted. >> you are chasing a story that is unbelievable. dogs rescued from dogfighting only to be stolen later from the kennel. >> villain chasing a jailbreak and paterson for two pit bulls. >> when i came to work around a quarter to seven i went to feed the dogs and there were two dogs missing from the cage. >> they cut therein literally grab the dogs. >> he finds it heartbreaking because these two pit bulls were rescued from a very vicious dog fighting ring. >> what happened is the paterson police department went to the location on east 16th street and paterson are loud music and when they got there sure enough there was a dogfight ring going on. >> bill i'm going to give an excuse of look at the underground world of dogfighting and paterson.
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you see the phase where the dogs were fighting completely covered up in blood. beer cans and beer bottles. >> they were applauding trying to make it look like it was -- >> there was also a dog on the ground bleeding to death the two puncture wounds. that dog's name is jude. he was saved along with the two other dogs were stolen. >> why not put these dogs down? >> we were going to put the dogs to sleep at the dog got up and started wagging his tail. he started me and i didn't have the heart to put the dog to sleep. >> at the scene of the dogfighting they confiscated steroid, regular human steroids that they have been giving the dogs. this is how mad and insane these dogs get traded. >> you can put them together because they will kill each other. >> usually a shelter spit walls are the dogs that don't get adopted that these two pit bulls are worth thousands of dollars.
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>> there was a lot of pit bulls that were brought in from dogfighting and they can be rehabilitated with time and loving care. these dogs are worth thousands of dollars and worth thousands of dollars every time they step into the ring. >> we rescued a pit bull shepard, great family pet. it's not necessarily the breed that the people. you can't look at the picture and your safety -- you feel pity and sadness. it's outrageous and horrific. >> high-speed chase. >> have an update on the story i brought you last month. two teenagers were brutally beaten and trenton. police arrested a fourth at the altar was involved in abating. if you have any information or recognize anyone else in the video we are showing you now please contact police. >> check out this composite sketch which i think is even more amazing than a picture.
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they came up with this sketch and they released it to the public from a bank robbery on april 29. he is described as 4050 years old, about 6 feet one inch weighing 190 pounds and salt and pepper hair. >> by now you have all heard about the tragic train derailment in philadelphia which killed six people, injured hundreds more. we have got team chaser coverage of this tragic event with the social media angle in the fuhrer over tweets. hank you are on the ground at the site of the derail man. >> frankfurt and sludge sludge lake were of recovery action is taking place. everybody is trying to make sense of it all. passengers who were on board the ill-fated train came back. >> he was in the second car and
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he said it was surreal. >> it seemed to almost be gliding off the track and eventually it hit and there was all sorts of debris flying around. >> he says he can't feel his leg but he's here to tell the story. a very surreal day for the people who live here on frankfort avenue. this train wreck happened in their own backyard. mary was looking out of her back window. >> i saw it in my whole room lit up. >> what i can understand what i saw on the news is how the first car could be so mangal and the rest of them be more intact. >> this is bob ludden. he lives across from the tracks down from the media's grub. he built this grill out of the k.. he made the harley-davidson out of steel. right now he is doing his part
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to stop a train wreck. >> my buddy has a scanner function on his phone and he put the scanner on and there came. the train crash. the next five minutes all we heard were sirens. >> he hates the media but he loves our show so that would be an exclusive. how can you blame him when he looked down the block from our bob lives. you are looking at literally 100 cameras and the very definition of a media circus. they may be here for several more days. >> what is the mood like on the ground? >> there's a lot of action. it's not chaotic. i wouldn't call a calm but silly tv is doing a good job of keeping the area clear. there's a big area. >> hank there is a theory on social media. >> a lot of people reaching out to tell friends and family they
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are okay. one of the first was from politician patrick murphy. he said i'm on amtrak's train that crashed and i'm okay. praying for those that are injured and she can see lots of pictures showing the train completely flipped over. instagram also blew up hip-hop producer posted the video. someone trying to escape one of the cars. >> it's a horrible tragedy but i was reading a story last night about individuals from the community, a tightknit area bringing water bottles out and people that live in the neighborhood allowing first responders to come into their homes and clean cleanup and use their bathroom. >> i'm so glad you said that. philly gets a bad rap and i will tell you they live up to their reputation last night. a lot more to come on this obviously. at this point it's about helping the victims and the families notifying everyone to make sure
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everyone is safe. there'll be another discussion on how you prevent this from happening again. tanks guys. >> the ngsa is investigating what caused the deadly derailment of an amtrak train in philadelphia. what they have confirmed is that the train was going over 100 miles per hour in a 50-mile per hour curve. here is what we know about some of the victims of the deadly crash. 20-year-old justin -- was that the navy academy and was amidships men. he was on his way home to far rockaway beach when this happen happened. "associated press" employee jim davis also killed. he was a 48-year-old father of two on his way home from plainsboro new jersey coming back from a few days of meetings in washington d.c. when the train derailed. the most recent -- coming out of the tragic train accident in philadelphia's the death of rachel jacobs. she was the mother of a 2-year-old and ceo of the
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philadelphia-based company. she was on her way home to philadelphia when she texted her husband that she was coming home and then she was missing her more than a day. family held on to hope but authorities have confirmed that she did pass away in the derailment. our thoughts and prayers are with all the family members and those injured and those that die. for more information on the crash and update information go to my twitter page @chasing tamara and go to our facebook page for "chasing news" at. >> i'm being blown away right now people. >> the nypd shot a camera wielding man after he attempted to attack a female police officer this morning. fortunately he did miss. her partner pulling his weapon and shooting a suspect in the head. the two officers recognize the suspects 30-year-old david farrell from the photos and stopped him to question him. he was taken to bellevue hospital where he is in critical condition.
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>> jack tweet it out you can never accomplish -- and she has a great future ahead. this is the last we have seen of the pop princess. guys i get to sing with stephen tyler tonight. ♪ >> don't do that okay? we are trying to help okay? >> manning i will kill them. >> a horrible prank where an anonymous person will call 911 to create a violent story that ends up sending police s.w.a.t. team in full throttle to unsuspecting homeowners. >> what is your address? [bleep].
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>> i will shoot anybody. i will shoot any cop. >> the pranks given address but not his address. the address of new jersey assemblyman paul moriarty. i want to assemblyman's moriarty's office. >> the police dispatch said we are going to have to have you come out front. what is your name. describe what you are wearing and go to the front of the house and come outside and put your hands where we can see them. that's when i said oh my eye am being swatted. that is when it hit me. >> assembly and moriarty doesn't know who swatted him but he is a good idea why. he introduced legislation last october giving penalties to those who engage in swatting almost guaranteeing jail time for those involved. five to 10 years in jail and fines. the buildup little traction until six months later when
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cases started popping up in north jersey. some assemblyman and legislators wanted to create a similar bill but did know that there was one that existed. once these started popping up moriarty started coming up in the media so he thinks because his name started popping up someone wasn't happy about it and gave him a swat rated. >> so i walked to the front of my house and unbeknownst to me they had shut down the road. there were six police cars on the road and a dozen swat out there. >> how will they catch them? >> there are using the internet in making internet calls. it's almost impossible. they are working on ways to intercept the 911 calls but haven't had much luck. >> i wonder if you address the penalty idea may be the penalty ought to be whatever crime you are calling and fraudulently maybe few committed that crime that would send a different message.
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>> the assembly panel have send it onto to the senate and it hasn't hit the senate yet. >> they can't figure out who is making these calls? >> we have never had a skype interview a fight was in motion. >> free bike rides part of the bike to workweek promotion. this irritates me because we are to have enough people in city
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>> that was good, come on. >> the school sent notes to parents warning about flu outbreaks but not this time. the school is warning parents that lindsay lohan is coming to town. the fading starlet will be finishing her community service at the school in brooklyn. parents say as long as she is not left alone with her kids -- their kids they're okay with that. >> they are raising money for the celebrity softball game. some of the people who will be attending and playing rex ryan joe torres eric dekker. the game is wednesday june 3. proceeds go to families of fallen officers. >> tariq you are chasing a story that's sad tough story about a girlfriend new york's governor
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andrew cuomo sandra lee who was famous in her own right to announce publicly that she has breast cancer. >> she made the aggressive decision to get a double mastectomy. first of all she is 48 years old but it's usually recommended to be 50 before you start hitting right or mammograms. she happens to be the tenure girlfriend of governor andrew cuomo in new york who some have speculated designing a run for president. he came out and said publicly i'm going to background this and i need some time aside to take care of the family. >> jeffrey garde dear friend of the show an expert in all things psychology, and we wanted to hear more about what she might be going through. >> the fact that she is announce on television it's almost like it public proclamation that she is going to deal with this. she is going to be a role model. as we know governor cuomo andrew cuomo has said he is shocked by this by these grateful she started getting these mammograms and she is doing this right now
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rather than waiting until she is 50 of which would have changed the whole story for her. they are supported one another and this won't stop her presidential run. i think of nothing else the way he handles this and the way he show support will add more depth to the type of leader that he is and not just within his family but for the nation. >> is it helpful going public like that or does it cause more harm? >> we do have public figures and they have no choice but to talk about this and to handle it in the great display that they both are especially sandra lee. she will struggle emotionally physically that she will be triumphant as many women are going through these types of procedures. >> doctors recommend getting a mammogram after age 50 because a lot of women don't have breast cancer and get an operation but now she is saying you should have it in your 20s and 30s.
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this upsets me. what are we supposed to do? what are women in their 20s and 30s supposed to do? >> breast cancer anytime cancer runs in the family he certainly must be much more tentative that but you're absolutely right. i think at the end of the day this is about the relationship between your physician and an early time whether or not you should be getting mammograms so young. >> we appreciate you being with us as always and happy birthday to you. >> thank you so much. >> tamara heuer in new york on the citibike. what have you got? >> i'm cruising around the west village right now. city bikes are giving away free bike rides. it's all part of their bike to work a week promotion i don't ride a bike to work so i reached out to local blogger lynne. >> watch the car behind you tamara.
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she met me here in new york city. we went to city bikes got a bike and started writing around. >> i just have to say this is a "chasing news" not only exclusive but a first. we have never had a skype interview while a bike was in motion so thank you for bringing that to us. >> absolutely. we have many talents and bike riding will be one of them. we got on the citibike and she told me her bike is famous. >> my bike has flowers on it so people call my name and they will take pictures and send it to me or posted on instagrammed. >> she named it bridget traded. >> are you writing on a stone street? >> she rides to work.
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>> you don't have to worry about parking and putting gas in the car. >> that's why she loves it but my major concern is if you have to go somewhere to look nice with look nice with you where? you have to plan a little bit ahead so if you are going to wear dress you should publicly wear shorts underneath if you don't feel comfortable. the only thing i haven't mastered is -- which is on my list. >> i do want to say this irritates me to all hell because we are to have enough people on city bikes riding around who don't know how to ride a bike that makes me angry. we need more people in city bikes in new york city? no thank you. >> i thought we were known for minding our business and staying out of things. >> very convenient. >> we are a bicycle friendly country and those people in new
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york, biking is fun and it's good for you. >> good for you not wearing a helmet. it's ridiculous. >> now i see from the other side. this is difficult navigating this and to make sure you are not getting another in other people's way and you hear cars honking we have to learn how to steer on the road. >> watch out for cars. >> inside the world of medical marijuana. >> ever wonder where they grow we'd? >> a grow house. >> next on "chasing news" at.
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>> inside the world a medical marijuana. >> ever wonder where they grow we'd? >> we will take you inside a grow house in new jersey. >> "chasing news" is joining the circus. >> we are hanging with three wheeling daredevils. >> the next "chasing news." ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone, i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. it's going to be cool and breezy for the overnight temperatures. we'll bottom out in the 40s across the area. seasonal high temperatures expected for your thursday. then as we move toward the upcoming weekend it looks a better chance for scattered showers. we certainly need the rainfall. more temperature changes beginning at 4:00 a.m. with sue
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